Blue Ridge EV Club - DRIVE ELECTRIC​​​​​!
 Experiences of Local EV Drivers
The Blue Ridge EV Club is for all EV enthusiasts interested in promoting the benefits and joy of driving plug-in electric vehicles.   Members are located in and around the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the Western North Carolina region. We are affiliated with the Electric Auto Association and endorse its mission statement:
"The Electric Auto Association accelerates the
 widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles 
through education and advocacy."


Asheville Drive Electric 2018

Did you know....

Tesla Motor Company was started by two business men Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard.  after predesigning the all electric car that was to become the Roadster, they looked for investors.  This is when Elon Musk became involved...
The first electric car was created in 1834 by Thomas Davenport.  However, some think that Robert Anderson of Scotland (between 1832 and 1839) invented the first EV.  None the less, they have been around since the 1830's! These prototypes used non-rechargable batteries. Electric vehicles would hold all vehicle land speed records until about 1900.
(courtesy EAA)